Teagan's Voice

After the tragic murder of their 8 year old daughter in December of 2014 Gabe and Stephanie Batstone were determined to initiate change to protect the world’s most valuable resource - children. Although the challenges are numerous and the complexity significant we can’t let that stop us from ending the abuse, neglect and murder of innocents.  

Teagan’s Voice is an national advocacy organization focused on driving policy and procedural change across federal and provincial boundaries to prevent violence against children, hold our systems accountable when they fail and protect victims of these crimes. Our vision is to use this tragedy as a rallying point for much needed change in the systems that are designed to safeguard children. 

At its core Teagan’s Voice will be a community that raises money for research, frames the children’s rights issues, generates public awareness and facilitates the conversations that are required to drive meaningful change. Join us in our efforts to make North America a safer place for children.  Sign in with your email to be on our mailing list about upcoming events, updates on our advocacy efforts, and information about family law and criminal law reform.  

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