It’s not just on the Mexican Border

It’s a tragedy what is happening on the border between Mexico and the United States. You can argue breaking up families is a deterrent to illegal immigration BUT you still can’t do it because it violates the children’s human rights. - don’t speed or we impound the car - don’t illegally cross the border or we impound the kids.   Continue reading

National Children’s Summit

Late last year I had to pleasure to attend the National Children’s Summit in Ottawa with our oldest child. As readers know we lost our Teagan to murder on December 10th, 2014. This tragedy inspired us to start Teagan’s Voice non-profit focused on children’s rights. It also inspired Teagan’s brothers to volunteer their time and brains to making the world a better, safer place for kids. Continue reading

3 Years Later

It have been three years since Teagan was killed by her mother. Some things are hard to believe - still no trial? how can we not now how Teagan was killed? At the same time other things are not hard to believe at all. Teagan remains a part of our daily life and we still talk about her every day. We see her live on through her brothers which is either beautiful or sad depending on the day. Continue reading

Loss of Innocence

It’s been tough since Thanksgiving.  Tougher than I was expecting.  Lots of tears out of nowhere.  Lots of hoping that I will wake from this dream.  It can’t be real.  Thanksgiving marks the third year since we were together as a family.  After Thanksgiving weekend 2014, we FaceTimed with Teagan often, but we were just a couple of weeks away from being together again when she was murdered.  This past couple of weeks have brought back some new memories of the hours and days that followed December 10, 2014.  It has become obvious that I’m not the only one of us feeling this way. Continue reading

Ties to Saskatchewan

Although we live in Ottawa the majority of our family lives in Saskatchewan and as a result we spend lots of time in the Regina area. The favourite for the kids is the family farm with lots of equipment and animals - Teags always gravitated to the farm cats. It's amazing how in such a short life Teagan was able to touch every aspect of our lives - her memories are as omnipresent and adorable as she was. Continue reading

What to do with Mother's Day?

Today is a hard day and I suspect it will always be's sad, complicated and on many levels so wrong. Yet for Teagan's brothers it's extremely important they are focused on celebrating the absolutely wonderful Mom that they have been blessed with. But... Continue reading

Let's Talk...

I commend Sheryl Sandberg for being open about her grief in the form of a book. It's something that collectively we do a very poor job from. Previously Patton Oswalt opened up his life to the pain after his loss. Traumatic loss is full of heartache, challenge and unwelcome surprises. When people in the public eye talk about grief it performs an important role in role in awareness and dialogue. Continue reading

Just One Thing...

There are so many sad stories that you can't get through a week without multiple jaw dropping moments where children are being abused. In the last 24 hours I have read about an online predator who tormented young girls online (leading beautiful Amanda Todd to end her life), a police officer who caged and tortured his son in his basement and a child being removed from a loving foster home of 9 years. That is all without making any effort to find thos stories...lord knows how many more happened. Continue reading


Literally how? That is how did a beautiful 8 year old daughter meet her end. How could any person let alone a parent be the person to end a child's life. You are left with question after question yet do you really want the answer. Many nights are lost wondering, crying and wondering some more. Continue reading

Murder for free?

This week we have a court decision in Canada that for most people was unfathomable; as unfathomable as the original crime itself. A man who beheaded a stranger on a greyhound bus and proceed to cannibalize him was given an absolute discharge…yes you read that right. Continue reading

Fall on my Mind

It's hard to imagine but here we are in early February and I am already thinking about the Fall. As you might expect the reason for that is the trial of Teagan's killer starts at the end of September. At this point it's really just a million questions... Continue reading

Now what...

It's been awhile since I posted on the blog, which is strange because I certainly don't lack inspiration or content. However, it can be overwhelming the amount of tragedy that children in North America suffer almost every week. Continue reading

As the Seasons Change

Dealing with the loss of a child and grief is a complex deal. Every situation is unique but there are certainly common elements. For me personally I find weekend mornings are a time I think about Teagan often. I loved waking up and wondering where to find the kids playing together as they always would be. However, even more than weekends what really hits home is the changing of the seasons.  Continue reading


Just a few short years ago Teagan's baby brother Jack was sleeping and as usual his big sister Teagan gently rubbing his arm - it was so amazing when she was living with us in Ottawa. It was the best time of our lives for everyone in the family including sweet Teagie. Now she is dead and we wonder each day what could have been different? and how could we have prevented it? and why did our system have her in the hands of the person who would then kill her? Continue reading

Happy Birthday Teagan

Happy Birthday Teagan! We think about you every day and you will always live on in our hearts and incomprehensible that she only had 8 of them. Teagan was a special kid who cared more about others than she did about herself.  Continue reading